You want to look good.

I get it. I do too.

And while we know looks aren’t everything and beauty comes from within, defining your style - and then owning it - creates confidence that goes beyond skin deep.

We all have our own style that empowers us, sets us apart and lets us feel at ease in any environment, sometimes we just need a little help uncovering it.

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I’m Kate, a San Diego-based personal stylist who helps women like you define their style, embrace their individuality, simplify their closets and create spaces they love.

I take the anxiety out of what to wear every day by teaching women how to identify what they feel best in and then building from there.

I also show them how to create beautiful, inspiring environments by incorporating meaningful items in a cohesive way.

I’ve seen the confidence that comes from discovering and expressing your style, both in your wardrobe and home, and I would love to help you experience it too.

I look forward to working with you!


“Working with Kate has changed my life! She helped me create an office space where I want to spend time working AND being creative because it’s filled with things I love. She took my things and put them together in a way that was organized and looks warm and inviting.  AND, she did it all - hung wall art and pictures, re-filled and organized bins and baskets. All with my input but her eye for beauty and solace.

She helped me with my closet too, which was FILLED with things I didn’t wear. Kate takes the time to understand what makes you feel good and starts there. She helped me see myself in a way that’s more stylish and put together, less ‘throw on whatever is easy and clean.’  She also helped me find my natural style; and showed me how I could push the boundaries, without wearing something I'm not comfortable in. After 3 trash bags of Goodwill donations, I love every single item in my closet, it’s organized so I can find outfits that make me feel joyful and I am excited to get dressed in the morning because I know I’ll feel and look GREAT.” 

–     Christa 

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