If you’re ready to open an organized closet every morning and put together an outfit that looks effortless and chic…

If you dream of a home that reflects your passions and chronicles your history in a sophisticated way…

Then you, my friend, are in the right place.


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I’m Kate, a Personal Stylist whose passion is helping people find their style.

No joke: I’ve been doing this since I was little (only then I was putting together outfits for my friends from my mom’s catalogs that were fanned out before me, deck-of-cards style). 

After 22 years in every capacity of retail – corporate sales, boutique owner, fashion teacher, museum shop buyer and curator, personal shopper, interior decorator and, finally, wardrobe editor – I’ve developed an eye for what makes people feel confident in their clothes and happy in their spaces. And now I get to bring this knowledge to my clients.

I offer support in a one-on-one environment to help you define your aesthetic - for clothes or décor - and find easy ways to get you out of your comfort zone (can I get a high five from all those ladies living in yoga gear?).

We’ll find what makes you feel good and say goodbye to what doesn’t, so you can create a wardrobe you’re excited about and a space you can’t wait to return to.

You get dressed every single day. You should enjoy doing it. And you spend the most important moments of you life in your space. You should love being in it.



“Kate was just what I needed to gain a fresh perspective on my wardrobe. Like a lot of people, I find myself wearing a lot of the same things over and over again while passing over pieces that I wasn’t sure about. She helped me to let go of items that just didn’t fit my body and my style and reassured me on a few pieces that had gone neglected. I was able to do a little purging and now see my wardrobe with fresh eyes. Not only that, but I promptly received an email with links to a few pieces to buy to round out my wardrobe. On top of all of that, she’s fabulous to spend time with and made the whole process very fun!”

— Beth


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If you’ve ever looked at a woman and thought: what does she know that I don’t? You’re well on your way to solving that mystery. All you need is a few key pieces of intel, an objective opinion and a little support.